Got Loose Dentures? Try Denture Retention With Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are also known as denture retention type implants that use tiny titanium posts in order to provide the user with a secure and comfortable fit for their lower dentures. The implants can be compared to the roots of normal teeth which will be a permanent fixture placed into the gums.

The implants at the top are ball shaped and the posts are placed for the ball to fit into in a secure and stabilizing way. When the procedure is complete the balls of the implants snap into the posts for a secure fit of the lower denture.

How Do Mini Implants Help People Who Wear Dentures?

Dentures are often known to fit loosely or float around the mouth of many people who wear them. Patients who suffer from loose dentures will greatly benefit from the procedure and will gain the confidence in speaking and eating normally with their dentures. The denture can now assist the wearer in retaining their jawbone as the denture is fixed into place.

How Are Mini Dental Implants Placed?

Four implants are screwed in a gentle way into the ridges found on the lower gum line. The procedure is almost painless and non invasive for the patient. The dentures will be adjusted in order for the implants to work in harmony with the denture. This results in a reliable system that allows the patient to speak and eat freely.

Mini dental implants are backed with approval from the FDA, based on many testings in clinical trials these implants are approved for the treatment that is of a permanent nature.

Mini implants are a considerably cheaper way of treating people who suffer from loose dentures or dentures that fit poorly in the mouth. The treatment can be done in the chair under local anesthesia within one sitting.

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