Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Getting To The Root Of The ProblemWhile many factors do contribute to good overall oral health, when it comes to actual dentition, concerns over health issues are more than just a surface problem. The basic physiology of the tooth is beneath the enamel that we see, and detrimental factors will include decay which affects the internal nerves, deterioration in the bones of the jaw, and damages or cracks that occur to the root of the tooth. While these problems are sometimes felt by individuals in the form of pain, they can often go unnoticed, because they are unseen.

Dental problems that are not dealt with can lead to the loss of teeth. If disease or deterioration is allowed to progress, it may result in the need for drilling and extraction. This not only creates a hole in the gum line due to the removal of the root, but can also lead to a recess in the bone, which could contribute to instability of surrounding teeth and further bone loss.

Building A Better Tooth

Dental implants are an ideal solution for tooth replacements. They not only produce a very natural looking and stable prosthetic, but can also help to ameliorate some of the oral health issues that have led to the original loss. Implants are essentially a titanium post that is drilled into the socket in the jaw, and becomes the new root for the fabricated tooth. What is really incredible about this process is that the bone of the jaw will proliferate around the metal rod. This not only leads to a better foundation for the replacement tooth, but can also help to give stability to teeth around the socket.

The use of dental implants has been streamlined over the years because of these added benefits. Along with better oral health, more natural looking and stronger dental replacements are also possible. The procedures for drilling out and implantation can be done in a single session, with one or two follow ups to check on healing and place the permanent prosthetic. The result is that clients spend less time in the dentist’s chair while correcting problems, and they are also able to reduce repeat visits to address progressive damage.

Island Dental Associates has a great amount of experience with tooth fabrication and dental implants in order to contend with a number of situations that may lead to tooth replacements. Our Franklin Square office welcomes walk-ins for direct services and for consultations. No matter what the cause of your dental concerns, we can get to the root of the issue.

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