Getting To Know Your Periodontist

Getting To Know Your PeriodontistWe’re all pretty familiar with what a dentist is and it is quite easy to figure out what a dental surgeon is even if you’ve never met one before. However, there is another mouth specialist you should know about that goes by the name “Periodontist”.

Don’t worry, we’ll clear this up for you!

What Is A Periodontist?

Much like many medical doctors, dentists can also choose an area to specialize in. While your average dentist is there to help you with cavities and to give your mouth a thorough cleaning, a periodontist has chosen to focus on the health of your gums and to treat the various illnesses that can affect the gums specifically.

What Does A Periodontist Do?

Gum diseases come in a variety of forms and each can have a different effect on the mouth and your overall health. Not only is a periodontist in charge of diagnosis, but also in prevention and treatment. These dental professionals are well trained in dealing with oral inflammation and other gum disease related symptoms.

That’s not all a periodontist do though. Periodontist also helps with dental implants and other types of teeth replacement in order to make sure they fit properly into your mouth. You may also see a periodontist if you suffer from a receding gum line or other types of gum related issues.

Often those with serious gum related health issues are best suited for visiting their periodontists regularly rather than a dentist. In the majority of cases, a dentist will refer you to a periodontist if they truly believe that you require more specialized treatment. However, if you already feel like you require these services, you can always book an appointment for an examination to check if a periodontist is right for your needs.

If you suspect that you may have gum disease or another type of dental health issue, don’t hesitate to contact us! Here an Island Dental Associates, we are eager to help you with all your dental needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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