Getting Dental Implants Is Easier Than Ever

getting-dental-implants-is-easier-than-everDental implants have always had a significant success rate ever since the first dentist introduced them. But while implant dentists on Long Island and elsewhere around the world don’t have to worry about rejection in the vast majority of cases, the technology of implants was far from perfect. A lot has changed about implant technology and all of it for the better.

Implant Design


The part of the implant that goes into the jawbone is nothing more complicated than a tapered titanium screw. That much has always been true since titanium has a unique property that lets it bond with bones, and the screw shape helps secure it in the jaw. But the screw design wasn’t always right for its location in the arch, and if the titanium didn’t integrate enough it could come loose and cause problems.

That’s why modern implants used by the implant dentists of Long Island use carefully designed screws that match with the kind of bone they’ll go into. The screws also come with a roughened surface, because the rough surface gives the titanium screws more surface area and more places to bond with the bone. That means they become anchored in the bone faster and more securely.

Surgical Techniques


A full-size dental implant needs plenty of bone to anchor it in place, and so many people who already have dentures and have spent months or years without a tooth in place have a problem. The bone arch of the jawbone shrinks over time without a tooth in place, and it doesn’t take long for the arch to shrink too much to add an implant.

But thanks to new surgical options, that doesn’t have to be a limitation. Bone grafts can take bone from a different part of your jaw, a different animal, or even a synthetic creation. You can also get a piezoelectric surgery from implant dentists on Long Island, a technique that uses ultrasonic vibrations to dissolve the bone in the way of the implant without seriously harming the surrounding gums.

Thanks to these technologies and a whole lot more, such as using 3D imaging to perfectly replace the look and shape of your old tooth, dental implants are simpler to get and even more likely to succeed than they ever were before. Not only that, but growing competition and better technology are also making implants cheaper, so more people can get them and enjoy their benefits. So if you’re having problems with your teeth, now is a great time to consider a dental implant.

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