General Dentist Versus a Cosmetic Dentist- What are the Differences?

  General Dentist Versus a Cosmetic Dentist- What are the Differences?When you begin to compare the different dentists that are available, you will find that a general dentist deals more with treatment and prevention, while a cosmetic dentist will focus more on the overall aesthetics involved in your smile and any restoration work that needs to be done to improve your smile.


General Dentistry


If the patient is experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort or has any other problems or concerns about their overall oral health, then a general dentist is who you need to talk to. Root canals, tooth extractions, and other procedures like this fall into their wheelhouse, along with a very limited amount of cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening.


Cosmetic Dentistry


While a general dentist is more concerned with the way your teeth function and their overall health, a cosmetic dentist will focus on the way the teeth look and will take the steps to help improve your smile.

Porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays, dentures, and implants typically fall into the category of an experienced cosmetic dentist. However, there are some procedures where you will find that there is some crossover between the two.

You will see these services combined, for example, if you find that you have a decaying tooth that needs to be extracted. The general dentist will treat the problem and remove the tooth, while the cosmetic dentist will go over your options to replace the tooth and restore your smile.

Many dental offices in Long Island offer a full range of services, so you do not have to seek a separate cosmetic and general dentist. You can have the full range of service from your annual cleanings to any dental emergencies you may have as well as the services of a cosmetic dentist to help replace any lost or extracted teeth and get your bright smile shining through again.

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