Fixing Troubled Teeth

Fixing Troubled TeethNot everyone was born with a Julia Roberts smile. Though there are people who have perfectly white and straight teeth, there are some of who were born with crooked or discolored teeth. Sometimes an accident can cause a good-looking tooth to chip or break. Though you try to take care of what you have, some teeth need extra help when it comes to looking good. So what options do you have to get that dazzling smile that would make Hollywood celebrities jealous?

Professional Whitening

You can brush all day long with toothpastes that promise to buff out the drabness and give you a sparkling white smile in 10 days, but it rarely happens and if it does happen, it rarely lasts. Your dentist can offer you a much stronger tooth-whitening gel than those that are purchased over-the-counter. This gel is applied to your teeth in a plastic tray that is custom-fitted to your mouth. The procedure can be done at home, making it easy and convenient. And this will last a lot longer than any commercial product can.

Porcelain Veneers

If tooth discoloration is beyond a gel formula, porcelain veneers are another option. Veneers can help close gaps in the teeth and repair minor cosmetic problems as well. A veneer is a thin shell that covers your tooth, making it whiter and straighter. Your own teeth will be ground down slightly to help the veneer adhere to its surface. The veneer is then bonded to the remaining tooth creating a new smile.

Porcelain Crowns

Sometimes a tooth can get cracked or chipped for various reasons. When this happens, you might need to get a crown on the tooth to restore it to its natural state of beauty. The remaining tooth will be ground down and a tooth-like replica (crown) will be placed and adhered to what is left. Crowns are so natural looking and feeling, you won’t even remember that it isn’t yours!

At Shine Dental, we offer all of these options and more to keep your teeth looking good. We know that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, so come in and see us today. We’ll help you get a smile that no one will be able to forget.

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