Eliminate Unwanted Pastes And Glues From Your Denture Wearing Routine With An Upper Implant Overdenture

Eliminate Unwanted Pastes And Glues From Your Denture Wearing Routine With An Upper Implant OverdentureAny traditional false teeth wearer will likely tell you that their dentures are somewhat uncomfortable. The textures and feelings take some getting used to, but some people are never able to accept a foreign substance in their mouth. Glues and pastes prevent the devices from rocking or slipping out of place, but they also bring along undesirable tastes and feelings. Luckily, residents of Long Island have other methods available to them for replacing missing teeth that allow for a more natural feel.

What Is An Upper Implant Overdenture?

Posts become screwed into the jaw bone, and locator attachments install on an existing denture or a new set that is constructed in our on-site lab. Either way is fine, but using an existing piece requires fewer visits than the other method. The implants aid in preserving bone quality and quantity. After the root becomes removed from the tooth socket, there is nothing left to stimulate bone growth. This action can lead to quicker deterioration than person’s with healthy teeth, and can eventually even cause facial shapes and features to change.

Avoid embarrassing mishaps like teeth falling out during conversations or meals with the long-term stability that upper implant overdentures offer you. Not only are moments like these awkward, but they can also cause damages to other parts of the mouth. Incorrect pressure becoming applied to a weak natural tooth can cause it to break, or biting down wrong can cut your lips, gums, tongue, or cheeks. Pain and discomfort will likely ensue, and an emergency trip to the dentist will become a necessity to remedy the problem.

Comfortable and correct fitting dentures help wearers achieve the nutrients and essential vitamins that they need to remain healthy. Skipping over certain foods, or eliminating them from your diet altogether because it hurts to chew with your dentures in, leaves your body malnourished and in a weak state. These acts make you vulnerable to infections and other illnesses. There are many benefits associated with upper implant overdentures, so don’t put it off any longer, and ask your dentist if they are the right choice for you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

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