Easy Go, Easy Come

Easy Go, Easy ComeDental issues can arise for a variety of reasons, and can truly happen at any time. Accidents which damage the teeth or result in total tooth loss are unexpected, and dealing with these occurrences with a sense of urgency is quite important. How fast you react will not only affect your oral health and pain, but also factor into your future appearance.

Many individuals do not realize that they may have underlying bone or gum health issues which will also affect the stability of their teeth. For people who have not had regular dental check-ups, a corroded root or bone deterioration in the jaw may not even be felt, until a tooth falls out. Situations like this also require immediate attention, and will need to address the health conditions which are present as well.

Dental 911

Emergency dentistry is a far more active field than most people realize. While hospitals can contend with the surrounding aspects of these urgent situations, they do not have the capabilities of correcting the cosmetic or oral detriment. Losing a tooth or teeth is not only physically traumatic, but is also emotionally taxing. The concern of having to walk around with apparent damage can greatly hamper everyday life.

Island Dental Associates can provide solutions for same day replacements and restorations. This means that our clients will not miss out on work or family time, and can resume daily function after just one visit. For replacements, our process of drilling out a cracked root and placing a dental implant happens in just one sitting. Although the permanent prosthetic cannot be fully fitted until the implant has healed, we will use temporary dentures that will still allow you to talk and eat naturally.

Restorations occur in much the same way. Since Island Dental Associates has an onsite lab for fabrication, we are also able to construct a replacement denture over the time of your visit. For emergency situations, this can quickly return our clients to a sense of normalcy and comfort, but will also allow for a closer inspection of any further damage or concerns with an oral examination and look at X-rays. This ensures that the urgent matters are cared for, but also that extenuating circumstances are addressed.

For anyone in need of emergency dental work, we have a list of our services on our website, but we also welcome walk in consultations, and have an everyday emergency hotline. This will allow you have peace of mind that your life can return to normal in no time.

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