Digital Dentures Make Fittings Faster

Digital Dentures Make Fittings FasterIt used to be that if a dentist wanted a good, three-dimensional look at your teeth, you’d have to have two big metal arches filled up with a kind of plaster covering your teeth, you’d wait around five minutes, and then the dentist would cast a mold using the plaster. This system works well enough, but the plaster can warp slightly when it comes out of your mouth, plus it can take a long time for the materials to set.

Fortunately, today’s denture fittings and refittings can take place much faster and without the uncomfortable metal arches. AvaDent and technologies like it make it a snap to get new dentures on Long Island. The system works by scanning your teeth electronically using a wand with a camera in the tip. This wand can measure 3D spaces, and so it can spot every curve, every filling, and every chipped tooth. It then sends all this information to a computer where a program recreates every detail of your mouth.

Using this information, your dentist can work with dental lab technicians to create a perfect set of replacement teeth. Since the program also works with the 3D printers dentists can use to create denture molds, it means you can get your new dentures on Long Island in no time at all. With the AvaDent system, the dental lab would use this 3D model to carve a solid block of acrylic into a shape that perfectly fits over your gums and matches the shape of your teeth.

Of course, new dentures need regular refits as the bone beneath your gums shrinks, but that’s not a serious problem, either. The sensor wand can scan the contours of your gums just as well as it can scan your teeth, and so you can quickly refit your new dentures on Long Island and not have to spend a day or two without any dentures.

Thanks to new dental technology, it’s faster and easier than ever to analyze the shape of a patient’s mouth and create a perfect set of dentures to replace missing teeth. You won’t have to go without teeth for long, and you can get a repair or refit within a day. So if you want to get new dentures on Long Island without the fuss of a mold, look for a denture specialist who has new 3D scanning technology available and your false teeth will be ready in no time at all.

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