Dentures Or Dental Implants? Which Is Right For You?

Dentures Or Dental Implants? Which Is Right For You?Some people come to the dentist and, after a thorough examination and a series of treatments, it is eventually determined that some new dentures or dental implants in Long Island may be required. These two forms of dental work, however, are very different from each other, despite the fact that “replacing teeth” is essentially the function they both serve. Which one would be the right one for you? Let’s take a look at the best recipients for each type.


Dentures are more commonly known as “false teeth,” and this is a dental solution that has been with us for centuries. It was a far more common treatment in the past when dental care and technology wasn’t what it is today. It still has an appropriate place as a dental treatment even today, however.

There are two sets of dentures, partial and “full” dentures. Partial dentures replace a certain number of teeth, such as the molars in the back, for example, while keeping the remaining natural teeth intact. Full dentures are for people who may need to have all of their teeth removed.

Usually, this kind of substantial tooth loss occurs because of a serious dental infection, such as periodontitis. But tooth loss on this scale can also occur as a matter of aging. Dentures are recommended for people that have lost a sizable set of their teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Long Island differ from dentures in that, rather than being a set of teeth that are slipped in or out of the mouth as needed, this is a more permanent solution. A screw is affixed to the jaw, acting like an anchor, and a tooth, or even set of teeth, is then attached to this point.

In most cases, dental implants in Long Island are recommended for things like a single tooth getting knocked out in an accident, or the loss of a tooth through gum disease, or other oral infections. But while the most common use of dental implants is for a single tooth, there are variations of the technique that can anchor a few teeth or even an entire set of teeth in a similar fashion to dentures, but as a permanent fixture.

Dental implants in Long Island use a titanium screw as the anchor point. This is an extremely useful metal in dental work, because not only does it not cause issues that may make your body reject other substances, it can also eventually bond with the bone in your jaw, creating a solid fix just as strong as your original tooth in your gum.

The Expert Opinion

Of course, unless you are a trained medical expert in dental care, you shouldn’t be making any early decisions about choosing dentures over dental implants in Long Island. You should always get yourself examined by an experienced dentist or periodontist who can conduct a proper exam, get x-rays of your mouth, and make a final, informed determination of what works best for you.

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