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Same-Day Dentures

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Quality Dental Work Without The Wait

One thing that can hold people back from seeking dental care is the delay that could take place between treatments. Many people even avoid tooth extractions because they worry that they may need to go without teeth while their dentures are constructed. People may also hesitate to repair their damaged dentures because of the potential delay. However, at Island Dental, this doesn’t need to be a concern. Same-day dentures, immediate repairs or same-day relines are great options that can immediately give you the look and feel of natural teeth.

When patients come in for a tooth extraction, there are several denture options. Some may choose to wait for a new denture to be created, but for people who want to leave with a full set of dentures, immediate dentures can be inserted at the same time. There’s no need to wait for multiple appointments, come in for fittings or leave healing time before your new dentures are applied. Our patients can rest assured that they will receive quality dental work that leaves beautiful results – without the wait.


Whether you need a denture repair or you are awaiting extractions and want to walk away with a full set of teeth, our on-site lab is set up to provide you with same-day dentures. Our technicians can repair, reline or create all-new immediate dentures the same day that you come in for treatment. Whether you need a single-tooth replacement, a partial denture or a full set of dentures, you can turn to Island Dental for fast, same-day service and beautiful results.

How Are Same-Day Dentures Made?

When you come in for your appointment, our skilled dentists will measure your teeth and jaw and take impressions in order to ensure that your immediate dentures are a precise, perfect fit for your mouth. Next, our in-house dental technicians will select the color, shape, and size of teeth to match your natural appearance. With our modern, cutting-edge dental technology, same-day dentures are high-quality and long-lasting.

Our on-site lab technicians use cold cure acrylic, an alternative to the traditional warm cure acrylic used to construct dentures. While it can take significant time for warm cure acrylic to set, cold cure acrylic can result in a full set of dentures on the same day. For people who prefer dentures in warm cure acrylic, it could be possible to plan in advance for your appointment so that a warm cure denture is ready to be immediately set after your extraction.

Dentures Made in Our Onsite Lab

Same day dentures will be produced by our lab in only a few hours from the initial impressions. When you come in for your extractions, make sure to plan for a day off so that you have time to have your new dentures set and fit to your mouth. As soon as your tooth is removed, the denture can be fitted to cover the open socket, supporting your healing process and presenting a perfect, professional appearance.

They will allow you to eat and chew comfortably without concern for loose or missing teeth. In addition, they use natural suction as well as an adhesive to remain in place, and they are easily removable for cleaning or repair.

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Island Dental for Same-Day Dentures

Pros and Cons of Same-Day Dentures

At Island Dental, we offer both same-day and traditional dentures, and you can choose the option best suited for your life and your mouth. Immediate dentures have the obvious advantage of allowing you to maintain the appearance of your mouth and teeth even right after extractions or other serious dental work. Whether you have a work meeting, first date, presentation, family gathering or photo session coming up, you can feel confident presenting your smile to the world with same-day dentures, without a gap or a wait. In addition, by covering the open socket left by a tooth extraction, same-day dentures can help to protect the area and reduce bleeding.

On the other hand, swelling associated with a damaged tooth or extraction may mean that immediate dentures shift slightly after you have healed and your gums have returned to their normal size. Bone in the area may also shift following the removal of a tooth, leading to same-day dentures feeling looser than when they were first created. In this case, relining your dentures can improve your comfort and experience. While cold cure acrylic dentures are strong and long-lasting, warm cure acrylic is a standard due to its exceptional longevity.

Additional Options for Quality Dentures

There are a number of options that you can choose for quality, permanent solutions for your dental concerns. While immediate dentures are an excellent choice for many patients, some people may want to pursue other choices to replace missing teeth. Some people may prefer to wait until the socket has healed and wait to receive a permanent denture along the traditional timeline.

For people who are only having some teeth extracted, a dental bridge may be an excellent choice to replace the missing teeth. These bridges can be fixed in place in order to fill your natural smile with strong, permanent replacements. Dental bridges take additional time to construct to fit your mouth precisely and blend in with your existing teeth, so there is some added time. Still, depending on the number of teeth being extracted, they can be a great choice for a natural look and feel.

Other people may want to choose a permanent solution that mimics the appearance of natural teeth: dental implants. While dental implants have additional costs, they are a permanent solution to missing teeth. There are a number of different types of dental implants that may be right for you, including full replacement teeth, dentures over implants or single-tooth implants. They provide a natural feel when speaking or eating all kinds of foods. At Island Dental, we offer all of these solutions and our experienced dentists are pleased to consult with you about the option that is best for you.

Call Island Dental for Same-Day Dentures

If you need teeth extracted or if your dentures are cracked or broken, you can find a solution without worrying about missing teeth or long waits. Same-day dentures at Island Dental can provide you with instant results with long-lasting reliability, customized to precisely fit your needs by our experienced on-site dental lab.

Come in to see our dentists offering the most up-to-date technologies to restore your smile. We offer a number of options to make your procedures comfortable as well as financing options, flexible payment plans, senior discounts and insurance participation. Call our office in Franklin Square, New York, to learn more about how same-day dentures could be right for you.