Denture Repair: Is It A Good Idea To Do It Yourself?

Do Not Repair Your Dentures At Home

A dentist fixing denturesDentures can be rather expensive. It is understandable that when patients have a problem with their dentures, for example a broken tooth, they may try to cut corners by repairing them at home. From a professional point of view however this is a terrible idea that could have dire consequences.

First of all please understand that when dentures are made, they are put together only after taking exhausting measurements of the patient’s mouth and bite pattern. They are custom fit specifically for the individuals mouth. Any deviation out of these measurements could easily disrupt the function of the jaw, move or displace any real teeth that are remaining, as well as compromise the ability of the patient to properly bite.

This however is the smallest issue with a person attempting to repair their own dentures. Infection and disease is a much larger concern with potentially deadly consequences.

Inserting a foreign object into the mouth of a patient always comes with some risk. This is why the process of creating dentures is so precise. At home a patient has no ability to see if the fit is going to be proper and safe. A small cut or unnatural rubbing can easily lead to an infected sore that could be extremely difficult to treat.

In addition to this it is highly unlikely that the patient will have access to the proper materials, solvents, and glues that are necessary to make safe and sanitary dentures. Putting unknown chemicals into the mouth can lead to allergic reactions, poisoning, and other diseases.

As expensive as getting dentures fixed or replaced can be. It is a far better solution than taking an action which could put a  person into the hospital. Dental health is an issue that needs to be taken very seriously. Please leave any serious work to the professionals.

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