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Occlusions Dental Lab (On Site)

1st Onsite Dental Lab and Dental Office on Long Island!

Benefits of on Site Lab!! Saves Time Saves Money


Experience the first of its kind on Long Island. Island Dental Associates has joined together with Occlusions Dental Lab to work as one.

It offers tremendous benefits to our patients bringing all of our dental lab services under one roof working directly with our experienced dentists and  lab technicians to achieve perfect restoration all the time.

We can perform same day denture repairs and relines while you wait and the fabrication of new dentures in one day.

Here are the benefits our dental lab provides patients:

  • same day dentures, partials and denture relines
  • same day all porcelain crowns
  • implant restorations
  • flexible gum color partials
  • flippers
  • perfect shade matching
  • same day teeth

Our dentists have the ultimate control in the work performed working directly with the lab. We can achieve the perfect fit, color, shape, size and feel to any dental restoration.  No longer do we need to send “work out” to the lab and have to wait for it to be returned.  We save time, money and provide the ultimate convenience in providing same day dental restorations.

Our lab is open 6 days a week and fabricates all restorations under one roof and can perform emergency repairs, same day replacement of missing teeth and
the best fit and the most natural feel and look to all of our restorations.  We utilize the latest computer technology in fabricating our restoration and the highest quality of materials which is under the direct supervision of our dentists and specialists.   We are proud that all of our work is performed in our office and we welcome you to take a tour of our new lab and new and improved office.

Why choose to go elsewhere when we make it easy, affordable, quick and convenient.

Our dentists offer sedation dentistry along with nitrous oxide to help patients that are anxious about their dental treatment.
We have brought in all of the dental specialists under one roof as well so we rarely have to refer our patients out of the office.

We accept most dental insurance plans, have flexible payment plans, offer interest free financing, accept major credit cards and can bill your medical insurance as well for certain procedures.

“If your SMILE cant wait don’t hesitate!” Call for a free consultation and we will be happy to review all your options and lets see how we can help you!

IMG_7560 Onsite Lab & Cosmetic DEnt
IMG_7561 Onsite Lab & Cosmetic DEnt
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