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Cost of Dental Implants

Each patient’s own unique needs determine the cost of dental implants. Factors include the number of teeth to be replaced, the type of dental implant restoration, and whether extractions or bone graft procedures will be required. At Island Dental Associates’ our extensive knowledge and on-site laboratory keep our costs down, which saves you time and money.

With 30+ years of experience and 36,000 dental implant procedures, Island Dental Associates has assembled a seasoned team of Board-Certified Periodontist, Oral Surgeons, and accredited implant technicians. This team, combined with our On-Site state-of-the-art lab, is how we achieve unequaled dental implant results with unmatched affordability.

Cost Of Dental Implants

Our On-Site Lab
Saves you Money

Dental Implants are an investment

Dental Implants are a lifetime solution for missing teeth. Whether for Denture wearers looking for a more stable and comfortable fit or for someone looking for a permanent solution for their missing teeth, dental implants are a reliable and excellent option to consider.

Does your insurance plan cover dental implants? Check with your provider to find out if they cover dental implant procedures. If they do we will work directly with your insurance provider to Maximize Benefits and Minimize Costs. 

Are financing options available for dental implants? YES, we offer 24-month, 0% interest financing with low monthly payment plans (subject to credit approval). We will work with you to find an installment plan that fits your budget. We have helped thousands of patients procure the necessary financing to receive the benefits of dental implants.

implants are your lifetime solution for missing teeth

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We will determine the actual cost of dental implants for your unique needs. You may discover that implants are well within your budget.