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After performing over 36,000 dental implant procedures, Island Dental Associates has taken implant science to the next level. Our implant teeth replacement options are unsurpassed. Our state-of-the-art facilities, Implantologists, and expert technicians work together to deliver top-of-the-line care for every patient. Meticulously planned with 3D digital scans and computer-guided execution, we provide top quality Dental Implant Options at an affordable price.

We maintain and care for you after your implant treatment is completed to give you a healthy, happy and long-lasting smile.

Here are just some of the teeth replacement options we provide.

Teeth Replacement Options

Single Tooth

Benefits: Lifetime permanence, feels, and blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. Low maintenance.

Single Tooth Replacement Option

Single Tooth Implant:
An Immediate Implant that looks feels, and functions like a real, natural tooth. You don’t have to worry about the health of your surrounding teeth. Easy to clean.

Implant Crown:
With an Implant Crown, you’ll never develop a cavity and regain the ability to eat anything you like! You’re able to brush and floss in between your teeth.

Multiple Teeth

Benefits: Hassle-free maintenance, zero downtime, natural look and feel, and lasts a lifetime.

Multiple Teeth Replacement Option

Implant Bridge:
Traditional implant-supported bridges can be utilized throughout the mouth, eliminating the placement of additional implant fixtures in anatomically deficient areas.

Porcelain Fixed Permanent Bridge:  (Zirconia)

A Permanent Implant Bridge to replace multiple teeth.

Screw Retained Bridge:
Permanent Teeth that are screw-retained and very easy to clean.

Cemented all Ceramic Bridge: Permanent multiple teeth replacements, cemented on custom fabricated titanium posts.

Mini Dental Implants:
Mini Dental Implants are placed for patients with a minimal amount of bone and help stabilize dentures.

Full Mouth

Benefits: High quality, placed and restored in multiple locations, secure fit and feel that lasts a lifetime.

Full Mouth Replacement Option

Placement of 4 Implant posts to permanently replace all your upper or lower teeth.

Snap-On Overdenture:
These Snap-On Overdentures can be removed from the mouth daily. Stabilize your dentures in as little as one visit.

Full Zirconia Bridge:
Implant-supported Permanent Porcelain Bridge placed on 4-6-X titanium Implant posts.

Hybrid Denture:

Implant-supported Permanent Bridge, and Acrylic Bridge placed on 4-6 Implants.

Mini Dental Implants:

A great solution for patients with minimal jawbone area that can not support traditional implants.

Sedation Dentistry Available

No Need to Fear, IV & Sedation Dentistry is Here

Island Dental Associates offers IV Sedation. Get your treatment done within one visit in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Island Dental Associates is here to ease your fear.

Which Implant Options are Right For You?

Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants with our free consultation and in-office CT Scan. We will explain all your options and present choices you can decide on.

We will customize a plan to fit your needs & budget.

Predictable.... esthetic results on the same-Day as your procedure

Never be without your teeth. We make Permanent and Temporary Teeth on-site in our own Dental Lab.

Denture Implants

Do you have loose dentures?
Implants are the permanent solution for SECURING LOOSE DENTURES,  allowing YOU TO EAT, FUNCTION, AND SMILE CONFIDENTLY!

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