3D Digital Imaging

Advanced 3D Digital Imaging with the Pax-i3d 3D Cone Beam CT


For preventative dentistry and many routine dental procedures, digital 2D x-rays remain the standard—and still highly effective—tool used by dental specialists to assess the health of the teeth and jawbone. Yet many of today’s advanced dental procedures require a more detailed, more precise view of the teeth, bone, and soft tissue than offered by standard x-ray technology. Therefore, at Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square on Long Island, New York, we have equipped our office with an advanced, state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging system, the Vatech Pax-i3d 3D Cone Beam CT (cat scan).

Like the standard x-ray, the Pax-i3d imaging system takes a series of images of the teeth and jaw, giving both patient and practitioner a clear view of the teeth and bone below the skin. However, this powerful system offers two distinct advantages over traditional x-rays:

  • It provides a more detailed view of the teeth and bone, as well as images of the soft tissue and nerve pathways not included standard in x-rays
  • It creates a detailed three-dimensional picture of the patient’s jaw that can be viewed from a variety of angles

The 3D image created by this exceptional technology gives both dental specialists and lab technicians a more complete view of the patient’s teeth and jaw, enabling a more accurate fabrication of dental implants and prosthetic devices for a better fit and greater comfort, as well as a more precise and more fully customized dental and/or surgical treatment plan to help ensure the patient’s comfort, safety, and successful results.

How 3D Cone Beam CT Imaging Works 

As with a standard x-ray, the Pax-i3d 3D Cone Beam CT works by directing low level radioactive x-rays at the target area of the face and jaw. However, the 3D Cone Beam CT directs multiple x-rays simultaneously but at divergent angles in a cone shape as the scanner slowly rotates around the patient’s head. During the scan, the x-ray beams create between 200 and 600 digital images of the patient’s teeth, bone, soft tissue, and nerve pathways. The imaging system combines these images together to create a precise and highly accurate three-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth and jaw.

As with traditional x-rays, the procedure is quick and comfortable. Patients are asked to remove all metal objects such as jewelry, eyeglasses, and underwire bras, and may be asked to wear a robe instead of street clothes. 3D Cone Beam CT technologies involves slighter higher levels of radiation than a traditional x-ray, it is not appropriate for children or pregnant women unless absolutely medically necessary.

The advanced imagery of the patient’s craniofacial area enabled by our state-of-the-art 3D Cone Beam CT system now allows us to fabricate dental prosthetics such as dental implants with greater precision and accuracy than ever before. It is also a sophisticated diagnostic tool and is ideal for planning complex dental, orthodontic, and surgical procedures that require a high degree of accuracy and precision to help ensure the patient’s safety and comfort and deliver successful outcomes.

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