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Same Day Dentures Long Island

Island Dental Associates is a family-operated practice providing full, flexible, or partial dentures on the same day of your appointment. For over three decades, we’ve provided the Long Island community with immediate solutions for missing teeth. Our expert dentists, in combination with an on-site lab and master technicians, will fit, customize, and place your dentures on the Same-Day.

Whether immediately following a tooth extraction or already missing teeth, our laboratory and office facilities use leading-edge technologies and techniques to restore your smile quickly. Crafting dentures on-site allows our patients to be 100% involved in the step-by-step process and leave wearing your permanent dentures knowing they meet your specifications. Unlike other dental offices, there are no surprises and no waiting for weeks or even months to receive your dentures.

Same Day Dentures

How Do We Do It?

When arriving for your appointment, our dentists will measure and create an impression of your teeth and jaw for a precise, perfect fit for your unique mouth. Through advanced digital modeling and cutting-edge fabrication techniques, we color, shape, and size the dentures to match your natural appearance. With our talented technicians in the same office as your appointment, you can see the immediate dentures as they are fabricated. You give final approval before we complete your dentures. These same-day dentures are of the highest quality and long-lasting.

Why should you wait several weeks for your mouth to heal after tooth extractions? You Shouldn’t. After extractions, patients at Island Dental Associates leave with Same-Day custom dentures with a comfortable fit.

Why feel self-conscious for an additional month while your dentures are sent to a lab? You don’t have to wait. Come to Island Dental Associates and leave with a confident smile.

With over 30 years of experience crafting dentures, we are confident we will surpass your expectations.

Call Island Dental Associates at (516) 271-0765 for fast, same-day denture service with beautiful results. You can also use the “Request Same-Day Denture Consultation” form on this webpage. 

Same-Day Denture

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It’s your smile, your style. Let’s get it back on track!

Why wait for your dentures to be sent to a lab?

Full-Service Dental Lab On Site

At Island Dental Associates, our cutting-edge on-site lab facilities use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to construct dental restorations and prostheses. A combination of art and science to fabricate dentures for a natural appearance. In addition to a precise, tailored fit for your unique mouth, you’ll forget you’re wearing them, while others will believe they’re real.

3D Impressions - Advanced Milling Machines
Same Day Dentures - Perfect Sizing, Shade, and Length

There are many different denture options available.
Most can be completed the very same day.


Same-Day Dentures

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