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Advanced Technology
for Advanced Dental Care

Island Dental Associates Uses State of the Art Technology

Newly expanded digital office offering the most advanced dental care on Long Island with two floors of the best dental options for all patients.

Island Dental Associates embraces the most advanced dental technology to give our patients the best experience and the most precise and beautiful results. We aim to provide our patients with the best service, delivered by our compassionate team of Dentists, Lab Technicians, and Dental Professionals. We want our patients to always understand all of their treatment options, and new technology allows us to deliver above their expectations!

CAD & CAM Dentistry

CAD & CAM Dentistry | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

CAD stands for computer-aided design and CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing. How are these useful in our dental procedures? Well, CAD and CAM are software that allows our dentist to perform a great number of dental procedures faster and more accurately. New 3D imaging tools allow our team to take painless, and easy diagnostic information of each patient and upload it to modern dental design software. With CAD and CAM, fabrication and restoration processes like that of the crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and bridges are much easier for the dentist – and most importantly, more accurate for our patient! The final product is more precise as compared to when we use the traditional methods, and also results in less visits and chair time for our patients.

Intraoral Scanners / Digital Impressions

Intraoral Scanners / Digital Impressions | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

With the intraoral scans (digital impressions) there are no more messy impression materials. The device seamlessly takes thousands of images to create a 3D blueprint of each patient, for treatment planning. This modern method increases accuracy as scanners map out each patient’s unique anatomy, tooth shade, and size, instantly providing our team with all necessary information for the success of your treatment. The intraoral scanner displaces conventional impression supplies, yielding better results and beautiful smiles for our patients.

Guided Surgery

Guided Surgery | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

Our team at Island Dental understands that every patient’s case is unique, and that some cases are more complex than others. New Computer-Guided Surgery methods allow our team to fully assess and plan more these cases, to help our patient’s achieve the best results possible. Using a CT scan, Digital Impression, 3D printer technology, surgical guides are created that not only aid in the placement of dental implants, but also aid in the aesthetic of your new smile. With guided surgery, the dentist is assisted throughout the procedure; minimizing chair time and procedure time, while improving results while creating beautiful smiles. Implant procedures need time to heal after placement, often resulting in patients being in a temporary denture or removable restoration until final restorations can be attached to the implants. In most guided surgery cases, temporary restorations can be placed the same day allowing our patient’s to never be without their teeth.

CT Scans

CT Scans | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

A CT scan is one of the most important tools in implant planning. It allows your dentist to get a 3D view of your mouth, allowing for your implant placement to be planned accurately for the best results. We have our own CT Scan on site, with the latest implant planning software.

Smile Design

Smile Design | Dentures | Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square NY

Technology now allows our team to predict your smile results. In addition. At Island Dental Associates, restorations can be planned digitally, so you can see your attainable results prior to starting treatment. Together we can not only plan your treatment, but see the beautiful smile it will bring you!

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Comprehensive Selection Of Dental Services

State-Of-The-Art Dental Technologies

At Island Dental Associates, located in Franklin Square, New York, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of dental services, from routine prevention and orthodontics to advanced cosmetic dentistry and emergency services. The only dental office on Long Island with its own laboratory right on site and equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technological equipment, our goal is to make your dental experience as safe, efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable as possible.

For more information about our state-of-the-art dental technologies that can make your dental experience both comfortable and successful, or to let our experienced dental specialists and lab technicians help restore your healthy, happy smile, we encourage you to call today to schedule your appointment!