3D Printing – Cheaper And Faster

3D Printing Is Making Dentistry Cheaper And Faster3D printing is an amazing technology. With just a single device that fits on a bench and a computer, you can manufacture objects that used to need full labs or machine shops to make. And while you may hear about hobbyists who build plastic models in their basements or garages, professional-quality 3D printing is also revolutionizing entire industries. Dentistry is one of the early adopters, and that’s why you can get a set of new dentures on Long Island in record time.

There are several ways that 3D printing helps with dentistry.

• Digital scanning. Until recently, the only way dentists could get an accurate look at the shape of your teeth was by creating a mold using a special material that would have to sit in the patient’s mouth for several minutes to set. The process isn’t very pleasant, and the mold often has some imperfections to it. However, dentists can now use a simple wand with a camera at the tip that scans a patient’s teeth and uploads the scan directly to the 3D printing software.

• Faster replacement teeth. Whether you need crowns, bridges, implants, or new dentures on Long Island, a 3D printer can quickly create a mold that perfectly matches the shape of the patient’s original teeth. If those teeth are damaged, dental technicians can also use 3D printing software to design a natural-looking replacement or scan in an older model of your teeth from before they got damaged.

• Tool construction. 3D printing is good for more than just teeth molds. With the right materials and a good printer, dentists can create the drill guides and other surgical tools they need to remove teeth, add implants, fill cavities, and more.

3D printing makes these jobs and more much easier, but that’s not all. The automated technology is also much cheaper than the older and more time-consuming methods, and as a result, you can get things like crowns, bridges, and dentures of the exact same quality for much less money.

There’s still a lot of untapped potential when it comes to 3D printing, but today’s dentists are already making good use of the technology and passing the savings they make on to their patients. Thanks to that, if you need a dental implant or new dentures on Long Island, places like Island Dental Associates can quickly get you in and out without having to worry about a large bill.

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