Dental Implants Have Revolutionized Tooth Replacement Options

One of the topics on many patients minds are dental implants and how it could benefit them. Implants are great ways to restore your teeth back to their normal shape, size and function.

Implants are anchors that can be placed and replace as little as one tooth or multiple teeth. It can provide security and confidence in eating and chewing. It’s an easy restoration; it’s an easy way to restore your mouth back to health. It’s permanent; it doesn’t have to be removed. It’s lifelong lasting and it’s a great way to make sure that you have the quality of life that you’re looking for.

We have many treatment options with implants. We have a board certified periodontist on staff. We have an in house lab as well. We offer free consultation, free second opinions, and x-rays. We have a panoramic machine. We have digital x-rays.

So our office is fully equipped to handle any implant concern or question. And even if you’ve gone to other offices, we can go over all your treatment options. Insurance is accepted. We take medical insurance as well.

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