Dental Implant Failures Are Rare But Possible

Dental Implant Failures Are Rare But PossibleDue to thorough screenings and advanced techniques, dental implant failures rarely occur. However, on occasion, failures do happen, but finding out why the action took place, is usually easier said than done. When successful, the titanium post fuses with the bone in a process known as osseointegration, which creates a stable, solid, and long-lasting foundation that holds the crown in place. The teeth are perfect for chewing your favorite foods or flashing a smile for a picture. The dental implant pros far outweigh the cons, so ask your doctor if they are a good fit for you.

Even if by chance a failure does happen, it is highly likely that another implant can become installed in the same place successfully. So, don’t get agitated and stressed out, as the smile of your dreams may still be conceivable. Unfortunately, the patient must undergo the procedure for a second time though. For those individuals that do not mesh with dental implants, our office utilizes the latest technology, has an on-site full-service lab, and offers a host of cosmetic, general, and other dental services. Our team will work diligently to find the appropriate treatment for you.


Reasonable Dental Implant Failure Causes


1. Poor Dental Hygiene

Although dental implants provide a person with teeth that can last them a lifetime with proper care, it is vital for the individual not to become lax in their brushing and flossing habits. While the replacement teeth cannot be harmed by foreign contaminants, the patient can obtain gum disease or another illness when harmful bacteria is left unchecked. So, stick to or improve upon your regular dental hygiene routine, and with any luck, keep failures at bay.

2. Allergies

Although it is extremely uncommon to find patients with titanium allergies, sometimes, people have reactions to the dental implant. Symptoms often include inflamed gums, a rash forming on the skin, itching, pain, and even extreme sensitivity. The post will likely need to be removed, but all may not be lost. Ask your dentist if they use implants made from other materials like zirconia or ceramic. This act will help you get the smile you deserve but without the adverse side-effects.

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