Dental Implant Aftercare Pain Management

Dental Implant Aftercare Pain ManagementFor our Long Island area patients who find themselves with a missing tooth, dental implant surgery is often a procedure we recommend at Island Dental Associates. Dental implant surgery serves as a solution to not only replace the tooth which has gone missing, but to save adjacent teeth from damage as well, but the world “surgery” tends to make patients somewhat uncomfortable. While the procedure is technically considered a surgery, it’s not one you’ll need to be put to sleep for, and your pain will remain minimal.

With dental implant surgery, you’ll be sufficiently numbed up by your dentist, and this will allow you to sit comfortably during the entire course of the procedure. Some patients, however, report pain being felt once the procedure is through, and for these cases there are some solutions that can help to make you more comfortable. While many patients do not report any pain once the numbness wears off, the toll that a dental implant surgery takes on your mouth can cause some discomfort, and the ways to alleviate this are:

  1. Over the counter pain medication – OTC ,or over the counter, pain medication is the most popular way to alleviate pain after a dental implant surgery. Medications with acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be taken once the patient returns home from their procedure, and they will often very effectively alleviate pain and swelling at the procedure site.
  2. Painkillers – For patients who experience more intense pain for whatever reason, a prescription for mild painkillers may be given to allow them to remain comfortable as their mouth begins to heal. These prescriptions must be acquired by a doctor or dentist, and can be filled at your local pharmacy.
  3. Home remedies – If the pain isn’t intense, and shows itself as more of a discomfort, home remedies may suffice in helping to keep you comfortable. A warm cup of black tea containing tannins, or a cold compress resting on the cheek near where the procedure was performed can help to alleviate your discomfort and make your healing process a bit more pleasant.

At Island Dental Associates, we know that the dental implant process is a little bit different for each patient, and while one may not experience any discomfort after the procedure at all, another may experience some pain. By using these methods of alleviation, those who do have some discomfort can keep themselves comfortable after their procedure, and feel confident about their choice to receive the implant surgery!

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