Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You The Perfect Smile

Cosmetic Dentist Long IslandYour smile is the first thing people will see when they interact with you. That’s why revealing a set of crooked, discolored, and/or missing teeth might not make the best first impression on the people you meet. Thanks to the cosmetic dentists at Island Dental Associate in Franklin Square, Long Island, it is now possible to correct discolored and crooked teeth and replace broken or missing ones.

Cosmetic dentistry is not a new development. It actually dates back to a time when people used ivory and bone to make dentures, caps and crowns. Modern cosmetic dentistry now makes use of cutting-edge technology in place of the conventional methods to achieve a more precise, professional job that’s completed in less time and at a price that is affordable.

The Difference Between Standard Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

What is the difference is between a regular and cosmetic dentistry? There is a significant difference between the two types of dentistry. Regular dentistry is concerned about oral health and hygiene. It includes fixing cavities, removing plaque and tartar buildup, resolving problems of bad breath and treating gum diseases. In contrast, cosmetic dentistry works seeks to improve the appearance of the teeth which includes improving aspects such as shape and color. Cosmetic dentistry also deals with the appearance and stability of the gums because they are they anchor of what can be a beautiful set of teeth.

Some of the Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered at Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square, NY

The cosmetic dentistry services offered in our Franklin Square dental office range from simple teeth whitening to complex gum restructuring procedures, which include the following:

Teeth whitening – Yellow teeth are an embarrassing condition. However, it needn’t bother you anymore. There are several over-the-counter whitening options, but the dentist-supervised treatments tend to be more effective and long-lasting. Laser whitening can make your teeth almost 16 shades whiter.

Invisalign – Invisalign straightens a smile ruined by crooked and badly-shaped teeth. Like traditional braces, Invisalign straightens crooked teeth for a more beautiful smile. However, unlike the ugly metal braces, they are available in opaque and colored options that camouflage well with the teeth. Also, made of pliable materials they are more comfortable to wear.

Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain veneers are used in cosmetic reshaping. They are like caps and crowns. They protect damaged teeth. They are also fitted to bind teeth and bridge gaps between them making them appear more even. Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain laminate that are fitted directly to your tooth. Except for some slight filing and shaving, it does not cause any damage to the original tooth. Veneers are custom-made.

Gum Restructuring – A gummy smile is another serious cosmetic problem. A gummy smile is a condition wherein the gum is quite broad to the extent it shows in all your smiles or even makes your teeth appear crooked and misaligned. A cosmetic dentist can correct it by restructuring the gum line for you.

Teeth Bonding – Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored composite material is applied to weaker teeth for added structure and protection. After application, it is shaped and polished.

Dental Bridges – Bridge fill in gaps left by missing teeth and are a good alternative for dentures. It consists of two or more crowns fitted to the teeth on either side of the gap with the false tooth in between.

At Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square, Long Island we will enhance your smile by giving you a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with the best dentists in Nassau County. When you do visit, you will be recommended a single treatment or a smile makeover based on your dental needs.

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