Caring For Your Dentures

Caring For Your Dentures Dentures can be incredibly durable if you properly care for them. If you do not care for them, you will find yourself back in the dentist chair for a denture repair on Long Island. Consider the following tips to help care for your dentures.

  • Be Careful When Handling – Although dentures will hold up over time if properly cared for, they can be fragile if dropped. When you are handling your dentures, take extra care to provide cushioning in case they slip out of your hands. Fill your sink with water, and place a folded towel down on your countertop. If you drop your dentures onto a hard surface, your next stop will be for denture repair on Long Island.
  • Keep Your Dentures Clean – Much like your original set of teeth, your dentures need to be kept clean by brushing. Brushing will help remove food and plaque from your dentures, preventing the buildup of infectious bacteria. Brushing will also keep your dentures white and bright. However, you should not brush your dentures the same way you would brush your teeth. Toothpaste should be avoided because it is abrasive and will scratch the surface of your dentures. You should also use a soft-bristled brush, as a brush with hard bristles can also scratch the surface of your dentures. If your dentures become scratched, food and plaque will begin to buildup in the microscopic crevices, requiring a denture repair in Long Island. When brushing, remove the dentures from your mouth to give them a thorough cleaning. You should also rinse your dentures after every meal.
  • Keep Your Dentures Moist – Your dentures may be ruined if they dry out, so it is important to make sure they stay moist. Keeping them moist will also ensure they keep their shape so that they can still fit properly in your mouth. Your dentist can recommend the best way to keep your dentures moist. Do not buy an over-the-counter denture soaking solution without first consulting your dentist. Certain materials, including metals, may break down in these solutions. You should soak your dentures when storing them overnight.
  • Do Not Attempt To Repair Them Yourself – As mentioned, dentures can be extremely fragile. You should not attempt to fix or manipulate your dentures in any way. Trying to bend or repair the dentures on your own could result in them breaking or badly warping. You should allow a trusted dental professional in Long Island to perform any denture repairs you need to have done. If your dentures feel as though they are not fitting correctly, or your dentures are causing pain and irritation, visit a dentist immediately. Some of these professionals have on-site dental labs, meaning your dentures can be repaired while you wait!
  • Maintain Regular Checkups With Your Dentist – Your dentist should discover any problems with your dentures. You should plan on visiting your dentist every six months for routine examinations to help avoid more costly complications.

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