Can Flossing Prevent a Heart Attack?

tooth brush, floss, and mouthwashIt seems so silly to suggest that the common, every day practice of flossing your teeth can actually prevent something as serious and deadly as a heart attach.

However, once again, the scientific facts reveal that some of our most common and dangerous diseases actually begin in your mouth.

We recently found an article written by Angela Dowdon and published at which exposes the deadly connection between poor oral health and heart disease…and how proper flossing (and regular dental cleanings) can help.

Bristol University researchers reported last month that bacteria can enter the bloodstream via sore gums and deposit a clot-forming protein that raises heart disease risk. A link between gum and heart problems has long been recognised but it has always been unclear if poor oral health was simply a marker of other heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and being a smoker. “Now it seems regular flossing may directly reduce cardiovascular risk,” says Dr Langroudi.

Read the entire article here…

At Island Dental Associates we want all of our patients to enjoy the benefits of supreme oral health. We don’t want anyone to suffer from easily preventable diseases. That’s why we provide the very best dentists and dental hygienists on Long Island, as well as a board certified periodontist to assist you and your family.

However, as the article above makes clear, YOU must take care of your teeth at home by flossing every day!

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