Best Practices For Oral Hygiene

Beautiful woman smile. Dental health care clinic.There may be a time at some point in your life when you notice that someone in a public restroom neglected to wash their hands, or maybe you cringed at the sight of a person using the same fork that they just dropped on the floor to finish their meal. Proper hygiene is something that all of us value and practice to the best of our ability on a daily basis, and we know when it is neglected it can lead to illness or other diseases. Despite this realization however it is hard to admit to ourselves that we may not be addressing one of the most important aspects of our daily hygiene routines, and that is our oral cleaning routine.

Most people believe that a quick brush, rinse and spit once or twice a day is enough to keep the dentist at bay but this is hardly ever the case. In order to ensure proper care and maintenance of our teeth there are steps that should be taken every time we grab our toothbrush and stand in front of the mirror. Here are a few pointers that you should remember the next time in order to optimize your oral hygiene routine.

You hear your dentist tell you to floss all the time, and while many of us don’t follow that advice it is given for a reason. Bacteria in our mouths produce acid every time we eat food, especially sugar. This acid slowly eats away at tooth enamel and causes plague buildup, which in turn leads to cavities and other dental issues. While regular brushing can get a majority of these bacteria off the surface areas of your teeth, the spaces in between and especially the areas near your gums are still prone to issues. Only by regular flossing can you ensure that this bacteria has no time to buildup and cause dental problems in the future.

There are also other measures you can take to augment your oral hygiene routine including mouth rinses to kill bacteria, add fluoride, or simply help freshen your breath. A combination of all of these practices that include brushing twice and flossing at least once daily will lead to better overall oral health. And of course all of these cleaning procedures should include regular dental visits for checkups and professional cleanings that will garner the best results over the long run. If you are ready to take your oral hygiene to the next level, follow these steps and schedule your next appointment with Island Dental Group today.

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