Are Same Day Dentures in Your Future?

Are Same Day Dentures in Your Future?Are you in need of a quick solution for your missing teeth because you are finding it hard to eat and talk? Same day dentures may be the ideal solution to this problem and can quickly help alleviate any problems that missing teeth may pose for you.

What are Dentures?


Dentures are simply false teeth that are removable and are used to replace missing teeth in the mouth. They are typically used when a patient loses several or even all of their teeth. An impression is made of the patient’s mouth, and then the impression is sent to the lab so that custom-made dentures can be made for the patient.


Benefits of Same Day Dentures


There are several benefits to same day dentures that make them more appealing than having to wait several days or weeks for your dentures to come back from an offsite lab.

You don’t have to be without your teeth: this is one of the biggest advantages with a same day lab. Once the teeth are extracted, the patient’s gums are most likely going to be sore and very sensitive. Immediate dentures provide the patient with an option that is easy to use and doesn’t cause a lot of swelling or pain during their recovery process.

Help with the healing process: they can also help the gums heal at an improved rate following an extraction. Same day dentures can also help minimize the risk of experiencing sunken cheeks due to the missing teeth and other facial distortion.

They provide a natural looking smile: same day dentures will also allow you to immediately have that natural looking smile you want. The dentures can be made to look just like your natural teeth when it comes to the color, shape, and overall size.


Bottom Line


The bottom line is that same day denture service is an immediate solution to what can otherwise be a long-term problem that can cause long-term negative effects. From causing speaking problems, to having difficulty eating, and being self-conscious about your smile, same day dentures can alleviate all these worries and provide you with immediate and natural looking relief.

On-site denture labs can also help save the patient money in addition to time because the dentist and the lab are in the same location and can achieve a perfect restoration in much less time.

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