Age Requirements for Dental Implants

Age Requirements for Dental ImplantsIf you are missing teeth and are feeling a bit self-conscious about your smile, then you have probably begun to research how advantageous getting dental implants may be for your situation.

Dental implants are a satisfactory solution and is usually the best option when a patient needs to replace missing teeth and wants a more natural tooth-like appearance.

However, there may be certain restrictions regarding age that you need to be aware of prior to considering this procedure.


The Advantage of Dental Implants


Dental implants are one of the only worthwhile procedures to replace teeth that will still allow the patient to perform activities as they did before such as talking, eating, speaking, laughing, and smiling because the facial structure is not at all hindered or disrupted.


Younger Patients


When it comes to dental implant procedures, it is actually the younger patients that are facing certain restrictions. For the procedure to be effective, the jaw must be fully developed which means the ideal age of the patient should be over seventeen to eighteen years old.

However, each patient is different, and you won’t know for sure if there are restrictions in your specific case until the dentist conducts their exam so see if bone development is sufficient enough for the procedure.


Elderly Patients


Dental implants have been shown to have significant success in patients as old as eighty years old. For the dental implant procedure, it is important that the patient is in good health. If you survey the elderly population, you may find that at least half of the population over the age of sixty-five is missing at least one tooth.

This is when the Long Island dental implant procedure can be advantageous for them and can go as far as boosting their self-confidence while also making it much easier and safer to eat.


Are Dental Implants the Right Choice?


If you find that you fall into the category of those old enough to have this procedure done, you will be well on your way to improving your overall oral health. Tooth loss is a damaging problem and can cause other problems down the road if not treated, and dental implants Long Island can be a viable solution to this damaging problem.

Missing teeth can also cause teeth that are adjacent to begin to shift and move to account for the space between the teeth. Additionally, the jawbone may begin to suffer from missing teeth because without root stimulation; the bone may begin to deteriorate over time.

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