Affordable Dental Implants

Making Dental Implants AffordableQuestion: So doc, why are dental implants so expensive?

Answer: People often ask me why dental implants so expensive? When you really think about it, a permanent lifetime replacement for an initial investment which is minimal compared to the return of your investment, it isn’t expensive, because if you’re going to have something to last you the rest of your life, isn’t it worth it?

If you buy a new car it not only lasts you for a period of time and that’s a lot of money, this is a lot less money, and the benefit is lifelong for a minimal investment. And not only that but it’s not that expensive. We’re not trying to charge patients a lot of money for the services. We want the services to be rendered.

We don’t want patients to be scared away from implant fees or other fees for our services. We want to make our fees affordable so that patients can have our services, not scare the patients away by charging high fees, per service or per patient. That’s not how we look to build our practice. Our practice is built on very reasonable fees for our services, even reducing the fees in certain cases in order to make it even more affordable for certain patients to have those treatments rendered.

So there’s no reason to wait, no reason to delay, because one call we’ll do it all basically, and we’ll be happy to help you. We’ve been doing it for more than twenty years and there’s no reason for us to scare you away from your perception of high implant fees because that’s not the case here. Give us a call, 516-348-8500.

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