Adverse Effects of Periodontal Diseases

A person with gingivitisMost of the conditions that affect gums and tissues surrounding the teeth are termed as periodontitis.  Periodontal diseases cause inflammation around the teeth, and sometimes lead to loss of natural teeth. This condition is mainly caused by bacteria that eat away gums and tissues. The condition can be slowed down by flossing and brushing teeth regularly. It is also advisable that you visit a dentist regularly for specialized help in treating the conditions.

Discussed below are some reasons why you should avoid periodontal disease.

  1. Leads to loss of natural teeth:  Bacteria eats away gums and tissues that hold teeth together, leading to loss of natural teeth.  This condition is widespread on persons suffering from anemia too.
  2. Severe Tooth ache and anemic conditions:  As long as the teeth are exposed, the patient is bound to experience regular tooth aches and headaches too.
  3. Damages blood vessels:  Heavy presence of these bacteria forces the body to over-react on the bacterial and tissues around causing increased inflammation.  The compound produced during inflammation starts corroding blood vessels within the mouth towards the heart, causing more problems. This may even limit amount of blood getting to the brain or back to the heart.
  4. Stroke: Stroke is mainly caused when the heart doesn’t receive enough oxygen to facilitate respiration for energy production. This condition is as a result of damaged blood vessels due to increased inflammation due to periodontal diseases.
  5. Diabetes and Arthritis:  Medical researchers have linked periodontal and mouth related infections with diabetes. Most of the patients who suffer from gum inflammation have been diagnosed with diabetes or arthritis later on in their lives.

With these not being enough, persons suffering from periodontal diseases have very poor oral hygiene and foul breath. In addition to this, their immunity levels deteriorate with time, making it a hard task to fight most infections.

You can however counter all these by visiting a dentist regularly. Call Island Dental today for a complete periodontal exam: (516) 565-6565.

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