Adults And Teens Can Straighten Their Teeth With This Non-Surgical Periodontal Service In Long Island

Adults And Teens Can Straighten Their Teeth With This Non-Surgical Periodontal Service In Long Island The Hollywood portrayals of dental professionals over the years have not been kind. Movies tend to revolve around the ways that tools and utensils are used to torture individuals. It doesn’t help that pain, and discomfort, are part of necessary procedures, but as time progresses, so do our methods. Laser dentistry, 3-D imaging, and other technological advancements have made the lives of patients and dentists easier. People in modern society are attempting to make their smiles straighter, whiter, and healthier than ever before. Long Island teens and adults should consult with their dentist about Invisalign, a non-surgical periodontal service, to help them achieve the results that they seek.

Invisalign Liners Contain No Brackets Or Wires

It is now possible to receive straight teeth for a visually appealing smile, without the unpleasantness associated metal braces. 3-D imaging is one of the first steps in the process, and it is utilized to lay out a patient’s complete plan, from the starting point to the potential outcome. A series of trays or liners become constructed, which are specifically designed, for your unique teeth, and must be worn over a period as specified by the dentist. The severity of the misalignment, gaps, or crookedness of teeth will also play a contributing role in determining the treatment length.

Slightly uncomfortable sensations might be felt upon switching liners, but these feelings are expected, and they do not typically take days to recover from like with the adjustments to the wires and brackets of standard braces. Upon completing the treatment, a retainer will be needed to prevent teeth from moving back to their original positions. Many times, the last liner in the set can be used for these purposes because it is already fitted for your aligned bite.

Take the Invisalign liner out to eat or drink, and simply pop it back in your mouth afterward. They are as close to transparent as humanly possible and allow you to wear them at various times without anyone else being the wiser. Once your teeth become aligned, pain-free chewing, talking, and smiling will become noticeable. Many patients even notice improved speech. Long Island teens and adults, don’t neglect your smile any longer from the fear that traditional metal braces will hinder your looks, and instead, ask your dental professional what makes this periodontal service stand out among the rest.

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