3 Signs Your Dentures Need Repair

3 Signs Your Dentures Need RepairDentures are designed to take a lot of punishment. After all, they have to replace your teeth, the hardest things in the human body, and the reason they’re so tough is that they need to chew every kind of food down into something you can swallow and digest. Even your natural teeth wear down over time, especially if you don’t take good care of them, so it’s no surprise that dentures have a lifespan of their own.

Damaged dentures can hurt your gums or the sides of your mouth, or they could even snap apart in your mouth, so it’s important to look and feel for the signs that they need repair or replacement. The following list isn’t comprehensive, but if you notice any of them you should find a good place for denture repair on Long Island.

1. Cracks

Dentures have to do a lot of chewing, and over time the harder part of the dentures can develop chips and cracks. If they’re still small, then a dental office that handles denture repair on Long Island can fix the damage and get them back to you quickly. However, if the dentures develop a large crack, whether it’s because you waited too long or the dentures are simply too old, then you’ll have to think about replacing them.

2. Bad Fit

Over time, the arch of bone that used to anchor your teeth will slowly dissolve away. This happens quickly at first, which is why you may need to resize your dentures several times over the first few months, but it continues to happen over the long-term, too. Even if you’ve had dentures for over a decade, you should get them resized if they don’t seem to fit anymore.

3.Changing Color

A lot of the food you eat (as well as smoking) can stain your gums and natural teeth, and they can stain dentures as well. Good care can keep your dentures bright and clean for a long time, but eventually, you may want to see a dentist or denture specialist who can either give your dentures a professional cleaning or replace them with a newer and less stained set.

Dentures need to be strong and durable to do their job, but like everything else, they can only last for so long. Make sure you inspect them regularly for cracks and other damage and go in for denture repair on Long Island as soon as you need to so you don’t have to replace them instead.

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