3 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Dentures

3 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your DenturesEnamel is the hardest substance in the human body, and the place it shows up is in your mouth.  That’s because your teeth go through a lot of wear and tear as you tear and chew your food, and that’s true even for people who don’t have bad habits like chewing on metal objects or grinding their teeth.

That’s why it should be no surprise that your dentures will eventually need repair work and possibly a complete replacement.  If you notice the following signs, it’s probably a good time for some denture repair in Long Island.

1. A Visible Crack

When you chew, even when it’s something relatively soft, you put pressure on your dentures and create tiny micro-fractures.  These small cracks aren’t serious enough to worry about, but eventually, they can start to connect and develop into a visible crack or fracture that captures food and weakens the appliance to the point where you have a hard time using them to chew.  These cracks will develop faster if your dentures don’t fit over your gums correctly, so make sure resize them even if you have no problem keeping them on.

2. A Chipped “Tooth”

The teeth are the hardest part of your dentures, just like normal teeth, but also like normal teeth they can chip and break if you bite down on something too hard.  And unlike teeth, you can also damage your dentures by dropping them on a hard surface like concrete or tile.  To keep your smile looking good and to keep your appliance in good condition, you should take it in for denture repair on Long Island as soon as you notice the damage.

3. An Uneven Bite

Even if your original teeth were misaligned, periodontists can fix that and give you an even smile when they create your dentures.  This means you should always have an even bite that lets you press all your molars on both sides of your mouth together.  If you can’t do that, it’s a sign that your dentures either need repair or need a resizing.

Dentures have to put up with a lot, and if they start to show damage it doesn’t take long for them to break completely.  If you’d rather deal with denture repair in Long Island than with denture replacement, make sure you quickly fix any damage you spot.

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