For people in New York looking into their tooth replacement options, there are several different choices that can result in great outcomes and natural, comfortable smiles. Dental technologies have advanced considerably over the years, and our team can work with you to choose the right form of denture to help you restore the function and appearance of your teeth. Two of the major types of dental replacement available are full and partial dentures, and each has its own advantages for people who want to improve their oral health.

Dentures serve several functions, from replacing missing teeth and filling gaps to preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting, weakening or losing their position. Modern dentures are fully customized for your unique smile, fitting the contours of your mouth. They can be removed for regular cleaning and present a natural appearance.

Many people struggle with chewing food properly and experience discomfort after tooth loss, while others refrain from smiling in order to hide the missing teeth. People may also experience difficulty speaking, singing or even whistling clearly with missing teeth. Unfilled gaps can also lead to drooping facial muscles and an older appearance over time. People in Franklin Square don’t need to live with tooth loss; denture solutions can provide increased comfort, enhance your appearance and improve your confidence.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are designed to replace all of the teeth in your mouth or on a single arch (upper or lower). The entire arch will be constructed for a comfortable fit and a natural, pleasing appearance. If there are some teeth remaining in the arch where the full denture will be placed, they will need to be extracted. After the extractions are completed and your gums are prepared, a full denture can be molded to fit your mouth. These hold securely to the roof or floor of the mouth for comfortable wearing. In addition, these types of full dentures are completely removable and can be taken out overnight and for regular cleaning.

In most cases, full dentures are best-suited for people missing all or almost all of their teeth along at least one dental arch. There are a few different options for the construction of full dentures:

Partial Dentures

For people in Franklin Square, NY, who are missing several teeth in a row, partial dentures may be an excellent solution to tooth loss. Partial dentures are crafted from a plate with one or more prosthetic teeth attached in order to fill in any gaps in the smile. These are connected to a plastic base or metal frame that holds the denture in place. They are designed so as to look natural; the framework that allows the teeth to fill in the gaps is not visible. Partial dentures are removable and can be taken out overnight and for cleaning, much like a full denture.

There are other partial denture options that may be appropriate for specific situations. For example, a fixed bridge remains in place. It allows a replacement tooth to be placed between crowns atop adjacent natural teeth. Unlike a complete partial denture, fixed bridges remain in place.

Additional Tooth Replacement Options

There are some alternatives to dentures that can help people enjoy a full, natural smile. Dental implants can be especially helpful in restoring confidence and producing a look and feel almost like natural teeth. Implants are suited to people who want to replace one or a few teeth and also those who want a full arch replacement. An implant-supported denture attaches to several titanium dental implants placed in the jaw bone. A full arch of teeth fits well to four to six implants, keeping them firmly in place and presenting a fully natural appearance.

Post-Denture Dental Care

After your dentures have been fitted and created, oral hygiene remains important to protect your gums. You can clean your dentures regularly to help ensure they remain attractive and natural in appearance. In addition, it is important to keep up with regular dental care visits. Your dentist can adjust, reline and care for your dentures to make sure that they fit comfortably. Our experienced New York dentists can provide excellent ongoing care for your dentures, and our in-office laboratory can repair or reline your dentures on the same day.

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