DenturesNot only are dentures often deemed a necessity for cosmetic purposes, they also help a person to eat as they should as well, making fast dentures very important to many of our patients.

Waiting for days to receive new or fixed dentures causes an inconvenience to patients, and our on-site denture lab at Island Dental eliminates this problem.

There are many reasons why a person may lose their teeth, from periodontal diseases to injury, and teeth serve an important function in every person’s day to day life. Dentures provide a way for those without teeth to chew, speak, and go about their day comfortably and confidently, allowing them a solution for their individual dental problems.

When a person is forced to wait for their dentures to be repaired or fabricated, this causes them to have to go a length of time without their teeth, and when you take into consideration how often teeth are used throughout the course of a single day, you can see the inconvenience this poses.