Do Electronic Cigarettes Cause Oral Cancer?

We have noticed that many of our patients have switched from cigarettes to the electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco. Instead, they contain cartridges that are filed with nicotine and other chemicals. Once the e-cigarette is used the liquid chemicals turn into vapor.

There is limited research on e-cigarettes with respect to oral cancer. However, there are chemicals such as nitrosamine in the e-cigarettes that are known to cause cancer.

In our opinion, there needs to be more research on this product to determine the risks vs. benefits compared to regular cigarette smoking.

Screening for oral cancer is very important whether you use e-cigarettes or whether you smoke regular cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe. At Island Dental Associates we do a thorough intra-oral examination for our patients to make sure no lesions are missed.

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