Question: I have dentures that are uncomfortable. They’re loose. They get food trapped underneath them. What can I do?

Dr. Eric Weinstein - Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square Long Island
Dr. Eric Weinstein

Answer: I get asked frequently about dentures and how come they get small particles of food trapped underneath which irritate the gums and make it uncomfortable to eat.

Dentures are a great replacement for missing teeth, but unfortunately sometimes they don’t provide that stability and the adequate seal that you need to eliminate the possibility of particles of food getting trapped or pieces of food getting trapped. So a lot times we go ahead and place dental implants which will give you a permanent restoration, it can give you a permanent replacement of those missing teeth without having to remove your dentures using different types of adhesive which sometimes is not even healthy to use and give you the permanent option that you need and eliminate that problem that you’re experiencing.

Dentures can also be realigned and refit if necessary to try to eliminate the food impaction or the particles getting underneath, but it doesn’t always eliminate it.

So therefore there’s many other options available to you.

Give us a call today. We participate with many different insurance plans. We offer interest free financing. We have flexible payment options as well.

So give us a call, I’m sure we can help you. There’s no reason to wait because those dentures will not get any better. Implants could be a great solution to your problems. Even if you’re a smoker there’s still options available to you to replace those missing teeth. So give us a call today at 516-565-6565 for your free consultation.