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What Goes On In A Dental Lab?

At Island Dental, we offer a high-tech dental lab for Long Island residents. Not every dental office comes with a lab, and because we have one we don’t have to send information and orders to a remote location and wait

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What Can Damage Dentures?

Whether partial or full, dentures don’t last forever. If you take good care of them, dentures should last half a decade or more, but sometimes things can happen to them that make their owners look for denture repair on Long

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The Secret Behind Dental Implant Effectiveness

The majority of metal implants used to replace bones in the human body use titanium, a metal with some very unique and valuable properties. These properties are just as valuable when it comes to dental implants, which is why it’s

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The 2 Parts Of A Denture Appliance

Technically, you can make false teeth out of anything hard enough to bite and chew food.  But not every material offers the same kind of support and toughness, plus it has to be able to fit in your mouth without

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Mini Implants Can Make Your Dentures Better

  It’s unfortunate but true: when you lose a tooth, you lose the bone that was supporting it. This happens because your body assumes it doesn’t need the bone there anymore, and so it dissolves away the bone structure so

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If Your Dentures Stop Fitting, It’s Not Just You

It can be hard to get used to false teeth, especially when it’s your first set. Whether the dentures are partial or replace your entire upper or lower arches, you’ll notice right away that they feel different from your regular

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Getting Dental Implants Is Easier Than Ever

Dental implants have always had a significant success rate ever since the first dentist introduced them. But while implant dentists on Long Island and elsewhere around the world don’t have to worry about rejection in the vast majority of cases,

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Things That Long Island Residents Should Know About Porcelain Veneers

A person that is unfamiliar with the dental lingo or jargon might find themselves in a predicament when trying to decide which devices and techniques are right for them. Bridges are not for bacteria and germs to walk around on

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Adults And Teens Can Straighten Their Teeth With This Non-Surgical Periodontal Service In Long Island

The Hollywood portrayals of dental professionals over the years have not been kind. Movies tend to revolve around the ways that tools and utensils are used to torture individuals. It doesn’t help that pain, and discomfort, are part of necessary

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The Ins And Outs Of Implant Porcelain Bridges

A bridge is typically a fixed device that relies on other teeth to stay securely in place. It is a highly effective way to replace missing teeth, but implant porcelain bridges offer the same reliability with more benefits. As the

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