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Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You?

Some people cannot imagine a more nerve-wracking and distressing experience than being told that a lengthy dental procedure is being scheduled. Depending on the type of treatment required, this could mean a few hours “in the chair” as a dentist,

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How Should You Treat Gum Disease?

Most people thinking about the health of their mouth will first worry about their teeth, and what may happen with a visit to the dentist. But there’s another part of your mouth that’s just as important, and that’s your gums.

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Dentures Or Dental Implants? Which Is Right For You?

Some people come to the dentist and, after a thorough examination and a series of treatments, it is eventually determined that some new dentures or dental implants in Long Island may be required. These two forms of dental work, however,

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What Is A Denture Reline?

People that haven’t had any personal experience with dentures, but may have seen “false teeth” on relatives or friends often make a common mistake. They believe that the creation of dentures is a “one-time” event, since these are artificial teeth

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What Makes Dental Implants Worth The Cost?

Dental implants have slowly been growing in popularity thanks to lowering costs, easier accessibility, and implant dentists in Long Island and elsewhere getting more experience with the procedure.  However, implants are still much more expensive than regular dentures, and the

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How Often Do Dentures Need Resizing?

When you get a set of new dentures in Long Island, it usually doesn’t take long for them to stop fitting correctly.  In fact, you might need to see your denture specialist several times over the course of a few

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3 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Dentures

Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, and the place it shows up is in your mouth.  That’s because your teeth go through a lot of wear and tear as you tear and chew your food, and that’s

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The 3 Stages Of Gum Disease

Taking care of your teeth isn’t just a matter of good hygiene, it’s an important way to keep your teeth and gums clear of infections, cavities, and diseases that can affect more than just your mouth.  If you don’t want

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Can Smiling More Make You Successful?

When you have teeth that are broken, missing, or just plain discolored, you might be less inclined to smile. Even if you feel happy inside, you just can’t show it on the outside. You might think that no one notices,

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Cavity Prevention And Tooth Protection

Taking advantage of good periodontal services Long Island can help you keep your teeth healthy, but even if you try your best, there are factors beyond your control that can play a large role in the general health of your

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