Zirconia Implants

A Beautiful, Natural Appearance
Many people in Long Island know all about the benefits of dental implants. These advanced alternatives to dentures bond with your natural jawbone to replace your original teeth with a strong, permanent hold. Since dental implants became popular in the 1980s, they have mostly been fabricated from titanium, a strong metal that bonds well with the jawbone.
However, dental technologies have advanced, and zirconia implants provide a metal-free alternative that even more closely resembles the appearance of your natural teeth. Unlike traditional implants, which are metallic in color, zirconia implants have a ceramic white finish throughout for a beautiful finish.

They have been used safely and effectively in Europe for over 15 years, and they are rapidly becoming a more popular choice, as they eliminate many concerns that people may have about titanium implants.

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Advantages of Zirconia Dental Implants.

You may want to avoid having more metallic products in the body, or you may have an allergy to metal in general or titanium in particular. If so, zirconia implants are a non-metallic, safe alternative that provides a natural feel and appearance. One reason titanium has become the standard material for dental implants is that it bonds easily with the bone, retaining that bond over decades. Zirconia – specifically, tetragonal zirconia polycrystal – shows all of the same benefits of titanium, with the added advantage of an all-ceramic, impact-resistant construction.

Zirconia implants are hypoallergenic and non-corrosive, so you can rest assured about the safety of your mouth and gums. Even more, there is a lengthy record of durable zirconia use in medical applications. Hip replacements are often fashioned out of zirconia, illustrating the strength and bonding power of this material.

Zirconia is actually even stronger than titanium in resisting fracture, scratching and corrosion.

In addition, zirconia implants can be easier to clean and maintain. While titanium implants involve two-piece construction, zirconia implants are one solid design. There is nowhere for particles, bacteria or liquids to collect or penetrate. They are highly resistant to plaque buildup with an all-ceramic, non-metallic construction. Plaque is not only unsightly; it can lead to serious complications like infection or even heart disease. Choosing plaque-resistant zirconia implants can benefit your dental hygiene and your overall health.

Zirconia implants are designed to prevent bacterial buildup and potential gum disease. The place where the implant and tooth come together is often at the bone level for titanium implants. With the one-piece construction of zirconia implants, that margin sits at the gum level, allowing you to easily clean your implant with traditional brushing.

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A Beautiful, Natural Appearance

Of course, many people in Long Island choose zirconia implants for their aesthetic qualities as well. The ceramic white construction of the implant can be matched precisely to your teeth. Because there is no metal in the implant, you will never see a metal implant stem or component poking through. This means that zirconia dental implants are suitable for the ultimate in natural dental restoration.

When you choose zirconia implants, you can:

  • Prevent corrosion
  • Avoid gum discoloration
  • Prevent unpleasant metallic taste
  • Enjoy a natural, beautiful appearance
  • Have safe, effective dental implants

It’s easy to care for your zirconia implants. Just brush as you do with your natural teeth and go to the dentist regularly for a check-up. These are a long-term, permanent solution that allows you to replace your natural teeth.

Make An Appointment for Long Island Zirconia Implants

If you want to explore the potential of zirconia implants, contact Island Dental Associates. We can perform the implant procedure directly at our convenient Franklin Square office. Wherever you have a missing tooth or teeth, your dentist can place the root of the implant directly into your gum line. As the zirconia implant integrates with your jawbone, you will have a temporary crown; a permanent crown will be installed once the implant is permanently in place.

Your dentist can place a zirconia dental implant in only 20 minutes, during your lunch break or after work. Contact us at 561-271-0772 or use our convenient online form to request your appointment today.