Snap on Dentures with Implants

Snap on Dentures with Implants

Snap-on dentures with implants give you a better fit and snugger feel without the need for dental adhesive. With this procedure, up to four dental implants are inserted in your jawbone. When you want to wear your dentures you can simply snap them into place by attaching them directly to the dental implants.

Dentures shouldn’t have to be a challenge and dental technology has achieved the point where dentures are as easy to wear in your mouth as your real teeth. Snap-on dentures with implants have become the dental industry standard. They provide a better fit and a snug feel that denture wearers want. Anyone can be fitted with them.

To hold dentures in place, the denture wearer had to depend on a dental adhesive. They would spread the adhesive along the dentures or laid down a strip of adhesive that acted like tape. The problem is their dentures didn’t always adhere well to their gum tissue. Besides the clicking noise you could sometimes hear, food would lodge between the dentures and the gum making wearing dentures uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing.

Snap-on dentures don’t rely on adhesives and stay in place with implants that are surgically placed in your jawbone. When you want to wear your dentures, you can simply snap them into place by attaching to your implants. This gives you a better fitting denture experience.

With snap-on dentures with implants you no longer have to worry about food finding its way under your dentures. There’s no more need for dental adhesives so talking, laughing, eating, and yawning can be as natural as they once were without embarrassment. And, there’s no more irritation of your gums from the dentures rubbing back and forth them, something that traditional dentures often do, much to the discomfort of the wearer.

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