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Types Of Dentures

There are so many different types of dentures available today that weren’t available before. Regardless of what type of denture you may need, our dentists at Island Dental Associates will custom design them to fit your mouth and match your existing teeth. Here are over 20 options that we currently offer our patients. 

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Complete Full Upper and Lower
Complete dentures, also known as full dentures are a removable upper and lower set of either porcelain or acrylic teeth that are held together by an acrylic or metal base. When you have lost all or most of your teeth a complete upper and lower set of dentures can help you regain your confidence to smile once again.

Partial Upper and Lower Dentures
When you have a few missing teeth, upper and/or lower partial dentures will fill the gaps in your teeth. They are attached to your natural teeth and can be unclipped and removed as needed.

Clear Palate Dentures
A clear palate denture allows the natural tissue of your palate to show through so no one notices that you are wearing dentures. This option can be used on several types of dentures, even partial dentures. If you already have dentures, a short visit with your Island Dental Associate dentist may be all you need to get started with a clear palate denture.

Acrylic Partials
Acrylic is an affordable option for your partial dentures. It can serve as a temporary solution before getting dental implants or a dental bridge. It can be the best option as a temporary partial while you wait for the dentures you need.

Implant Supported Partial Dentures
Implant supported partial dentures are secured to your jaw bone with small posts that have been surgically implanted. Your denture is attached to the posts and you can clean your implant-supported denture by brushing and rinsing with mouthwash.

Open Palate Implant Supported Dentures Open palate implant supported dentures can be held in place with either a ball, known as a stud-attachment denture, or with a bar that dentures can clip to when they are being worn.
Bar Supported Overdentures with Implants Overdentures are teeth that are inserted on top of the jaw and attached to the dental implant where you have missing teeth. The bar supported overdentures with implants allow you to clip your dentures into a bar, which is inside your mouth and hidden from view.
Island Dental Associates | Franklin Square, NY Snap on dentures with implants provide a better fit and snug feel without needing to use a dental adhesive. Between two to four dental implants are inserted into your jawbone and when you want to wear your dentures, you simply snap them into place by attaching them to the dental implants.
Screw Retained Permanent Dentures with Implants Implants, also known as screws, are inserted into your jawbone and dentures are snapped into place and attached to the implants. The dentures will sit flush against your gums and you will not experience the slipping or sliding that you would get with other dentures.
Mini Implant Supported Dentures Mini implant supported dentures can be inserted and used to anchor dentures if you don’t have enough of a jawbone to support larger dental implants and can be accomplished usually in one visit.
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Computer Guided Dental Implants
This kind of surgery uses computer guidance in order to ensure the most precise placement and natural-looking outcome.
Hybrid Dentures Hybrid dentures combine the shape of a temporary denture with metal implants. The dentures are customized to fit your mouth and are permanently attached to the implant.
Flippers Flippers are a temporary solution that serves as a placeholder until a permanent solution has been decided. Flippers can provide you with health benefits by making chewing and talking easier and decrease the amount of bone loss you will incur after losing your tooth.
Same Day Dentures Same day dentures are a temporary solution to tooth loss, whether it is from an accident or dental disease, while you wait for your mouth to heal and replacement teeth created.
Immediate Dentures Immediate dentures are dentures you receive on the same day you lose your teeth. They can stem bleeding, reduce the possibility of an infection, and also help with swelling that occurs after an extraction. They will need to stay in your mouth for the first 72 hours while your mouth is healing. After a healing period of four to six months, you will return to your Island Dental Associates dentist to discuss other dental options that are available for you.
Denture Stabilization When you first start wearing your new dentures there may be some period of time where you are uncomfortable. This may be how your dentures sit within your mouth. When dentures are unstable it can reduce the density of bone in your jawbone. Fortunately, there are many options available to correct this instability.
Locator and Bar Supported Over Dentures Locator and bar supported over dentures are removable dentures. After placing dental implants in your jawbone, a bar is added, just below your gum line. The denture, which has clasps, is able to attach to the bar. With locator pivot technology, the locator and bar supported over dentures are able to provide you with support and a comfortable fit.
One Tooth-Multiple Teeth Partial Dentures If you have lost one or two teeth as a result of an accident or dental disease, partial dentures can be a solution to fill the gaps in your smile. They can attach to your permanent teeth with metal clasps or another type of framework. An option for a partial denture can also be a crown to replace your missing tooth.
Nesbit Partials A Nesbit partial denture, also known as a Valplast partial denture, is designed to replace up to three teeth on one side of your mouth. A Nesbit partial denture is popular because instead of a clasp they have a translucent membrane that attaches to your adjoining tooth. This allows your gum to show through giving you a more realistic color to your gums.

Snap on Dentures with Implants
A Snap on Smile teeth replacement is made of dental resin that is an alternative for patients who are not candidates for dentures. Your Island Dental Associates dentist will make a mold of your teeth so that your new smile can be constructed. You will be able to choose the type of smile you want and the shade of your new teeth.

Ethnic Colored Dentures Dentures can be made for people of all ethnicities. After all, everyone has the same teeth and we all want them to be pearly white but some dentures look like they were made for one ethnicity. At Island Dental Associates we are able to make dentures that are right for you.
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Partial Denture Val-last
Valplast dentures have a reputation as being the most comfortable dentures available. They are lightweight and flexible and are strong enough for normal wear and tear. Valplast also offers a lifetime guarantee against fractures or breaks.

Gum and Tooth Colored Clasps An important part of a partial denture is the clasp that wraps around your permanent teeth keeping your partial denture in place. Island Dental Associates provides their patients with gum and tooth colored clasps that are less detectable than the typical metal wires that are used to attach partials.

Snap On Partial Denture With Implants

An alternative to removing your teeth for full dentures is choosing a snap-on partial denture with implants. Instead of using a clasp to attach your partial denture to your permanent teeth, implants are surgically placed in your jawbone so that your partial denture can be snapped into place.

Implant Supported Over Dentures Implant Supported over dentures are dentures that have been attached to your jaw with the use of surgically placed dental implants.

Dental Implant Supported Denture
Using a minimally-invasive implant technique, with four dental implants, the Island Dental Associates dentists are able to provide you with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of your procedure.