Emergency Denture Repair: Call a Dentist or Do It Yourself?

dental care professionalsShould You Have Your Denture Repair Done By A Dentist Or Attempt It Yourself Using An Emergency Kit?

When your dentures have become broken or unusable for any reason, you have two main options for repairing them. One option is to attempt to do the repair yourself by using a denture repair kit that you can order online or purchase in drugstores in your local area. The other option that you have is to find a local dental professional and make an appointment with them to do whatever repairs to your dentures may be needed or desired.

So which of these options should you choose? In order to make that decision, you must weigh the pros and cons of each of the methods.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Repairing Your Dentures Yourself?

The advantages of making your own dental repairs are two-fold. First of all, the dental repair kits are fairly inexpensive, and if you are on a tight or limited budget, this can be a serious concern. Second, you can operate on your own time frame. There is no need to wait for an appointment. As soon as you can get a hold of the denture repair kit, you are in business.

The disadvantage of this method, obviously, is that you are not a skilled and experienced denture repair technician, so the end product is likely to be shoddy.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Seeing A Dentist To Repair Your Dentures?

The advantages of seeing a dentist to repair your dentures are also two-fold. First of all, the cost is most likely covered under your dental insurance, which cannot be said for repair kits. Secondly, a dentist can do a professional and long-lasting repair job on your dentures!

So, what’s the disadvantage? Well, typically the one disadvantage is that you must wait for an appointment, however, at Island Dental Associates we are sensitive to the needs of those needing emergency denture repair and with our on-site denture repair lab we can often fix your dentures the same day!

I think the answer is clear – when in need of denture repair, trust the professionals at Island Dental Associates.

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