Soft Tissue Graft with Biologic Material

Do you have teeth where the gum tissue is receding? Is it causing you to have either sensitivity to hot or cold? Does it make your self conscious about your smile? This happens frequently. Whether it be from aggressive tooth brushing or periodontal disease, Island dental can cover and help restore the gum line to its original position.

Soft tissue graft is harvested from another area in the mouth, typically from the palate. The tissue is placed in the area where the tissue is receded and is secured in place. Sometimes we may need additional materials to help get the maximum esthetic results if the bone is compromised. We use biologic mediators to enhance bone and soft tissue growth to obtain maximum healing. We can utilize your own tissue or exogenous tissue. We numb you up the same way you would get a filling. You go to work the SAME day. Minimal discomfort and swelling occurs. Start smiling with confidence again.

While most procedures are done with just local anesthetics, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sedation is always available for anxious patients. All procedures are done by our board certified periodontist. Our dentist in our state of the art facility always uses the most advanced technology including instaneous, comfortable digital X-rays. Each treatment room is equipped with high definition flat screen televisions and with WiFi accessibility to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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