Sinus Elevation

Sinus Elevation – Osteotome, Laterial Window

When you have teeth in the back of the mouth, it serves 2 functions: to help chew food and also keeps the maxillary sinus from pnumatizing or coming down. When teeth have been missing for a long period of time, bone has a tendency of resorbing or disappearing.Furthermore, the maxillary sinus pnumatizes, or keeps coming down, causing less bone in the area. Remember, sinus are air filled cavity and implants have to be surrounded by bone all around. If there is not enough bone to place an implant, then a sinus elevation is required.

Pending on the amount of bone you have, there are two types of sinus elevation- osteotome sinus elevation and a lateral window sinus elevation. Osteotome sinus elevation is done at the same time of the implant. We numb you up the same way you would get a filling. Before the implant is placed, we gently bump up the area and add bone graft. Within a few minutes, the implants are placed the same day. You go to work the same day with minimal discomfort. Lateral window sinus elevation is done when there is not enough bone to place the implant at that time. We numb you up the same way you would get a filling. We gently elevate the sinus with bone grafting and the area has to heal for a few months. After a period of healing, implants would then be placed in the area.

Either procedure, there is no harm or changes in the sinus. The amount that we are elevating is miniscule compared to the amount of cubic volume in the sinus. Half of all implants placed in the back of the mouth requires some sort of sinus elevation.

While most procedures are done with just local anesthetics, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and sedation is always available for anxious patients. All procedures are done by our Board Certified Periodontist. Our dentist in our state of the art facility always uses the most advanced technology including instantaneous, comfortable digital X-rays. Each treatment room is equipped with high definition flat screen televisions and with WiFi accessibility to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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