Multiple Missing Teeth

dental-implants-rotate3One of the most popular choices for people who have lost multiple teeth is to create an implant supported bridge.There are various advantages to bridges. The bridge feels natural, and does not depend on support from surrounding teeth. It will not move in your mouth like partial plates do. The bone is also preserved better with implants, as the part that attaches to the bone will help to strengthen the bone in that area. The cement that is used with a traditional bridge is not permanent and can wash away over time causing your natural teeth to decay.

Small implants will be placed into your jaw when you first come in for your implant supported bridge. This will need to heal for a few months. We will then attach healing caps to the implants. This may not be necessary in every situation. Finally, we will fit the bridge to the abutments (small metal posts protruding from the implant base).

You may experience some discomfort, but it will not last long. You will be able to talk and eat comfortably in no time!

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