Mini Dental Implants

mini-implantsMini Dental Implants are starting to change the way many people think about implants. They are smaller, easier and faster than the traditional implants. They are becoming very common as a means to help stabilize dentures and overdentures.

Mini dental implants are much more dependable than the traditional bridgework and endodontic treatment. Mini dental implants are titanium screws which act as root replacements for missing teeth and dental stabilization. They are more stable than the traditional dentures, which are loose fitting.

There are many benefits of mini dental implants. A patient who does not have the bone thickness to accommodate the traditional implants can get a better solution from these. Elderly and weak patients benefit since only a small pilot bit is used to create the opening to thread the implant to the done. It takes about 1-2 hours, and you can go about your daily routine right after the operation. Lastly, mini dental implants look and feel natural.

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