South Valley Stream Residents: Get Dental Services Offered In Our State-of-the-Art Office

This dental office is home to a talented team of specialists with a passion for treating patients. Whether an individual is coming in with a regular toothache or wants a cosmetic change, we are able to provide the ultimate experience every single time.

Our vision is to be an all-in-one clinic that’s passionate, detail-oriented, and ready to assist in all situations including emergencies.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

We are able to provide access to different treatment options including general dentistry (fillings, cleanings) while also offering a chance for cosmetic changes (orthodontics).

Our team is well-rounded and continues to take the time to see how we can help patients. With a love for dentistry that is unparalleled, we are always committed to learning as much as we can to bring the best possible treatment to the table. By letting one of our specialists help out, patients will be in good hands and will see results that are simply incredible.

Along with our willingness to adapt, we are able to deliver on our promises and make sure all scheduling needs are met. Set things up at our clinic and have someone take a look as soon as possible!

Convenient Location

Our office is in the heart of the area and is ideal for those looking to come in for an appointment. The location is close to where patients are and can be accessed without a problem.

Along with our convenient location, we are also dedicated to providing a comprehensive customer service experience from day one. To do this, we offer enough parking space to make sure all patients are accommodated and can come in without facing issues. This is all about putting our patients first and setting the right tone.

Certified Dental Professionals

What makes us such an electric and efficient team?

We have helped thousands of patients and have considerable expertise when it comes to dentistry. This expertise enables us to deliver an exceptional treatment option every single time!

With certified professionals on hand, patients are able to book an appointment without giving it a second thought. The quality will always be as good as it is supposed to be.

Family Dentistry

Have to bring in a child to have their developing teeth worked on? Want to make sure the experience is a friendly one that’s memorable for all the right reasons?

We are able to help with our family-friendly clinic that accounts for patients of all ages coming in.

Scheduling Ease

Wish to book an appointment as soon as possible? Want to come in and have one of our trusted specialists take a look at what’s going on? We are always willing to help and scheduling is what we do best!

Book an appointment and let one of our dentists diagnose what’s going on immediately. We have access to some of the world’s finest dental equipment and make sure to use everything at our disposal while helping patients. Take this opportunity to call in and let us provide a picture-perfect solution.

About South Valley Stream

South Valley Stream is located on the South shore of Long Island.  It is a very quiet residential area with a very good diversity level, low crime rate, very good public and private schools.  The city is close, only 40 minutes away on the Long Island Railroad.

Valley Stream park is close by with a lot to do and is a great place to run or do many other activities.  There is always something to do.  The neighbors are quiet and the area is very beautiful.  Most people that move here are happy they did.

The school district is good, and has nineteen public schools.  They all get A or A plus ratings.

The median home value is $431,700.  So not to inexpensive to live there.

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