In Office Denture Reline

There’s a lot you can do to take care of your dentures and ensure they give you a long life. Maintaining your dentures also helps keep their look intact and ensures they’ll be comfortable to wear at all times. However, no matter how careful you are with them or how much you clean them, eventually you’re going to need a professional’s help. An in office denture reline is a necessary part of every maintenance routine.

No one likes to wear dentures that don’t fit. Permanent dentures largely solve this problem, but only to a degree. No dentures can fit perfectly forever, no matter what kind of material they’re made from or who molded them to your mouth.

That’s because your jaw is almost always reacting to the original trauma of losing a tooth. The initial loss causes a ripple effect that forces the jawbone to shrink in size. Eventually, this reduction in mass causes your dentures not to fit right. Being too big, you’ll feel them slide and shift slightly. This is when you know an in office denture reline is appropriate.

Aside from being uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing, ill-fitting dentures can also be unhealthy. That sliding slowly wears against your jawbone and can actually speed up its depletion, causing discomfort and dentures that fit even worse.

Fortunately, an in office denture reline is a routine procedure that will make your dentures fit as good as new.

There are a number of different types of relines, but the in office version is by far the quickest. It begins with the dentist removing your dentures and lining them with an acrylic plaster. Then they return the dentures and plaster to your mouth so that the combination can fill up the negative space left from your receding jaw.

After the plaster hardens sufficiently, your dentist will remove it and the dentures and trim away any unnecessary bits. The end result will be a pair of dentures that now perfectly fit the state of your mouth. That’s all there is to it. Your in office denture reline will be finished and you can be on your way.

Generally, you should schedule a relining once every two years. However, because of how fast they can be done, an in office denture reline tends to be less permanent, meaning you may have to revisit your dentist earlier. Your dentist will be the best judge though. Of course, if, at any time, you feel your dentures coming loose, you can opt to have a relining done.

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