Nesbit Partials

nesbit-partialsNot all dentures are those full rows of teeth most people think of. There are plenty of options for people who are just missing a single tooth or a few. One of these options is known as Nesbit Partials.

Nesbit dentures are designed to replace a single tooth, on just one side of the wearer’s mouth and can also be used in tandem to fill the space of about three. While a partial denture can often do the trick here, Nesbit partials are used for one to three teeth that are much smaller.

A Nesbit partial is actually part of another type of denture called a Valplast partial denture. These are popular because they don’t need clasps to be comfortably worn like other partials. Secondly, Valplast partials have a clear membrane attached to the tooth that allows for the wearer’s actual gum to show through, so they look more realistic. Usually, Valplast partials are used to replace a large number of teeth, though, whereas a Nesbit is perfect for a few or less.

Root canals are a fairly common reason why someone might need a Nesbit partial. Abscesses can sometimes occur years after a successful root canal. Often times there’s nothing that can be done other than just extracting it. As such, only a single tooth is needed in a cramped area.

Nesbit partials are a permanent solution. For the most part, your Nesbit can be ready within two visits. So if you’re missing just a tooth or two, a Nesbit partial may be your best bet. It’s quick, affordable and looks great.

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