Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric-dentistWe love kids!

At Island Dental Associates, we provide dental care for children of all ages. Our office allows them to be relaxed and comfortable during their visit. Dental appointments for children are very important. If teeth are neglected, it can cause problems when developing permanent teeth.

*20% off your child’s first visit to the dentist!*

During your visit, we will perform a cleaning and fluoride treatment. Dental x-rays may be taken. Proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques will be discussed.

  • We perform mostly all white colored filings, sealants, fluoride treatments and gentle dental cleanings
  • We utilize digital X-rays with the most minimal radiation
  • We utilize the most proficient stringent sterilization techniques
  • Nitrous oxide where necessary

*Restrictions: Only pertains to patients without insurance.

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